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Bathroom Remodeling Pointers

Ben from Old Colorado City asks:

We live in a 80 year old historic home. Unfortunately, our master bathroom is a bit too “historic”. What can you tell me about a bathroom remodel?

Ben, much … bathroom remodeling is one of the most common home renovation projects and much of the costs carry over into your homes increased value. This is, without question, a task best performed by professionals. A capable company will go through the necessary list of tasks and objectives as carefully and thoroughly as possible prior to starting construction. They will also provide you with on going reporting as the remodel progresses. In Colorado Springs, you won’t find a more capable design/build firm than Kitchen Concepts. Regardless of the type of bathroom remodeling project you are interested in, it is always a good idea to learn more about what your renovation group can do. When you learn more about your options, you have the opportunity to get a more thorough and focused job done better targeting your exact needs.

A consultation should also include conversations about a remodel’s objectives to assure they address your most desired design changes. With every changing season, year and decade we see new trends. Some of them can be described as “timeless” while others can be short lived. With the innovative design trends we find new color pallets, textures, prints in favor and with all of that comes new found inspiration for bathroom remodeling.

When looking at a bathroom, you want a new space that offers designs that are interesting and inspiring to you and your family. You also want a space that really works for you. A bathroom remodel can offer new layouts and more functional cabinetry. The latest bathroom design trends are now included in most of Kitchen Concepts featured cabinet lines.

Cost Guidelines

A lot of factors come together when it comes to planning for a bathroom remodel project. Regardless of whether you are just installing a new bath or shower or investing in a complete rebuild, you need to be prepared to assess the various elements in the room that can make a difference in the final cost. Everything from material to the size of the fixtures planned for installation will affect what you can expect to spend. One of the best ways to plan for your remodeling project is to consult with the professionals at Kitchen Concepts and see what advice they can offer directed first at your bathroom’s biggest problem areas. Although it is vital to get as much done as possible, make sure that you prioritize correctly as well. It may not be as important for you to rush for that vanity when you have black mold growing on the ceiling and walls. Plan for functionality first, and then see what is left over.

Budgeting and Financing

Setting your budget is one of the most important ways to get started after the consultation. Covering the bare necessities should be your first priority, but after that is done, it is important to see what you can do next. Kitchen Concepts can offer you a financing plan to make it easier to pay for the bathroom of your dreams! This is advantageous not only because it provides you with the chance to afford a larger budget, but it can help you break up the payments so that you do not feel so overwhelmed during the planning process. Part of the consultation with Kitchen Concepts is the opportunity for you to review your available funds and see where it may be better to pay more. Just about every aspect of the renovation process can be “tweaked” to better address your desires and budget so do not hesitate to ask. We will assist and take the time to plan for materials and fixtures most appropriate for you and your family.

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