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Eight Reasons to Adorn Your Floor with Hardwood Flooring

Chad from Centennial Colorado asks:

Why should I consider hardwood flooring?

Chad, forget loose carpet fibers and old stains. Instead, choose the home design upgrade everyone’s talking about … hardwood flooring! Renewed home construction and remodeling have boosted the demand for flooring. In 2019, the total revenue for this industry reached $3 billion as more homeowners began making flooring upgrades.

Thinking of upgrading your home with new flooring, Chad? Keep reading to discover the eight benefits of installing hardwood floors!

1. Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics

After a while, carpets can look drab. Sunlight can cause discoloration while foot traffic leaves your carpets looking worn out.

Wood flooring adds luxury and elegance to your home. As an added bonus, the wood’s rich coloring also adds an element of warmth.

In some cases, old carpeting can make your home look cluttered. If you’re trying to make your home look more spacious, consider hardwood flooring installation. Hardwood floors can enhance a room on multiple levels.

Whether you want to make a room appear more inviting or add opulence to your home, hardwood flooring can help accomplish your goals.

2. They’re Easy to Clean

Carpets require constant vacuuming and steam cleaning. Even then, you can’t guarantee you’re capturing the smallest contaminants and particles.

Leaving those contaminants throughout your home can cause allergies to build. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, are easy to clean. You can vacuum, sweep, steam-clean; the choice is yours. Either way, you can remove dirt and debris and see it’s been cleaned.

Hardwood flooring can help you cut back on the amount of time you spend cleaning, too. At the same time, you’ll still know your floors aren’t hiding any possible allergens such as pet dander or dust. When you clean hardwood flooring, you can see the proof right in front of you. Carpets, meanwhile, are full of hidden secrets.

Hardwood floors are also more stain-resistant than carpets are. When you spill a glass of juice or slice of pizza on a carpeted floor, that stain is bound to set. The same kind of mess on a hardwood floor, meanwhile, is easy to wipe away.

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning every week, call Kitchen Concepts at 720.725.0000 in Denver or 719.330.5474 in Colorado Springs.

3. Durability in the Design

Hardwood floors are also a durable flooring option. Their heightened durability makes them easier to maintain. Imagine dropping a heavy pan against the floor and the damage it could to do tiles.

When you invest in hardwood flooring, you have the peace of mind they’ll last for a long time. Carpeting, on the other hand, only lasts a few years before it requires replacement.

While it’s possible to scratch hardwood flooring, it isn’t easy. As long as you take proper care of your floors, they’ll look great and last for decades.

4. Improves Your Home Value

99% of real estate agents in the United States also believe that houses with hardwood flooring are easier to sell.

If you intend to sell or rent out your home in the next few years, consider upgrading to hardwood flooring. You’ll get a significantly better price for your home if you add this feature as part of the decor.

While hardwood flooring installation costs more upfront, that cost will pay off for years to come.

When renters and buyers start searching for homes, they’ll look for features that stand out. While other homeowners are offering carpeted flooring, your hardwood floors will give you an end in the marketplace.

5. Improve Your Air Quality

Carpets trap everything from animal dander and dust to pollen and particulates. All those common allergens can expose your entire family to a health risk every day.

With hardwood flooring, on the other hand, you can keep these allergens at bay. Hardwood floors don’t capture contaminants. Instead, you can sweep up the dust and know it’s gone. As a result, you can significantly improve your home’s indoor air quality. Otherwise, your family members might experience a lot of sniffling and sneezing.

Tile and laminate floors don’t have the fibers carpeting does. However, these flooring options do have embossing and grout lines. Those features are a great place for allergens and dust to hide. Wood floors, on the other hand, don’t have embossing or grout lines. That means there’s nowhere for dust to stow away.

6. Long-Lasting Cost-Effectiveness

Think about the benefits we’ve already covered. Hardwood floors are durable, create better air quality for your home, and are easy to maintain. Together, these benefits all equate to great cost-savings. While spending money on hardwood floors seems expensive at first, you have to think about the benefits long-term.

Your hardwood floors will last for a long time. Instead of “upgrading” with cheap carpeting, hardwood flooring is a worthwhile investment. Instead of thinking about the up-front expensive, think about the long-term benefits.

Since the floors are easier to clean, you’re saving time and expense cleaning. Since they’re harder to damage, you also won’t have to spend money on regular repairs. Their durability also means they’ll last for decades.

Altogether, these hardwood flooring benefits can save you more money than you’ll initially spend.

7. Versatility

If you have a distinct style throughout your home, that’s okay. Hardwood flooring won’t disrupt the style you already have. In fact, they’ll probably compliment the existing interior design. Instead of having to change the wall art, paint, decorative accents, and other decor items, your new flooring will fit right in.

There are also numerous options to choose from. You can select different colors, shades, and species for your hardwood flooring. That way, you can choose a beautiful design that adds character and complements your existing designs.

8. Treat Your Feet

Treat your feet and give your kitchen an upgrade! By installing new flooring throughout your home, you can experience these seven benefits of hardwood flooring firsthand. Once the installation is complete, you’ll enjoy the long-lasting elegance and charm.

Ready to upgrade your kitchen with beautiful hardwood floors? We’re here to help with your next project. Check out Kitchen Concepts’ financing options today!

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